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Natural beauty is a from-the-inside-out proposition. The products we use internally have as much impact on our skin as the ones we use externally; our lifestyle plays a role, too: What we eat, where we live, and how we sleep all impact our wrinkles, radiance, and under eye circles. Balance this against the trickiness of applying eyeliner when you’re late for work, and creating a natural beauty routine can feel overwhelming. 

This is where I come in. Because makeup and beauty routines are so personal (I have no two clients with the same skin or stressors), I offer one-on-one beauty consults designed to address your natural beauty needs—from the inside out—and create daily rituals and routines that won’t leave you cursing your mascara wand. 

What we work on and discuss is ultimately up to you. If there’s an issue you’d like to heal we’ll get to the bottom of it. If you know you’d like to be more “natural” but aren’t sure how, we’ll talk about holistic skin healing, food as medicine, and play with makeup application tricks. I’ll give your beauty bag or pantry a detox and leave you with a customized list of techniques and products. 

Each in-person session is two hours and includes a discount code for use on my online apothecary + a list of customized recommendations and tips from our session.

****Not in New York or LA?

We can connect over the phone, or Skype for a virtual session.