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160 Putnam Ave, #2
Brooklyn, NY 11216


Jessa Blades is a makeup artist, natural beauty/wellness expert and herbalist based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. 

Imported Products

Kishu Charcoal


Kishu Charcoal


My new favorite way to filter water. Guess what! It is: …the only completely plastic-free water filter. …made from the finest Japanese activated charcoal. …individually hand cut — every stick is different. …produces the most delicious tasting tap water. History Kishu Charcoal was born in 2011 as an alternative to plastic water filters. Determined to find an eco-friendly, plastic-free way to filter tap water, the founder Judith Bershof, came across a material used in Japan for thousands of years. Made by artisans, using traditional methods and handmade kilns, Kishu Charcoal is brought to life from sustainably harvested oak branches slowly carbonized to 1000 degrees. After a number of days, a beautiful and glass-like activated charcoal emerges. We are selling two sizes- a smaller to-go option, great for water bottles or small jars of water in your fridge. And a larger one, perfect for a pitcher or large mason jar.

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