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Leo Cosmic Cocktail Party

Jessa Blades

I recently had the pleasure to collaborate with my dear friend Sandy and host an Herbal Cocktail and Astrology night at Achilles Heel in Brooklyn. We made two cocktails, one sexy and spicy and the other one cooling and calming, to honor August, when cooling the Leo fire is on the mind. I've shared photos and the recipes. We will be back there in September for another Cosmic Cocktail Party- hope to see you then, follow me on Instagram to find out the date for the next one.

Sandy of Strong Eye Astrology put together some August advice:

This month it is time to focus on the feeling of Love...

The feeling of exuberant love is available to all of us right now. While the Sun is in Leo, through August 23rd, focus on feeling your heart center filled with love and gratitude. If, for some reason, it is not coming naturally, give your heart center some extra special attention. Spend time morning and evening stimulating the feelings of love and gratitude in your heart. These feelings are the keys to expansion right now. Embody them and you will find yourself thoroughly uplifted. 

Are you a Leo?

As Jupiter dances his last dance in Leo (He moves into Virgo August 12th), Leos everywhere should be feeling as if they’ve been given an upgrade. Of course, with major expansion comes new responsibility, so there may be some adjustments required. Move through these boisterously and with bravado. 

Need some more love in your life? We created a healing and delicous ROSE LOVE BUNDLE at the shop. Each bundle includes a free ROSE ELIXIR to add to your tea or cocktails!

Cosmic Cocktail Recipes

Lion Roar
2 oz rum
.5 oz sweet vermouth
.5 oz simple syrup (can be made with honey or organic sugar)
1 oz lime
watermelon chunks
a dash cayenne pepper and sea salt mixed together
Shake rum, vermouth, simple syrup and lime juice with ice, strain into glass. Dust with cayenne/salt, add a big chunk of watermelon to each glass.

Lion Heart

1.5 oz Rose infused Aperol*

2 oz sparkling wine

2 slices cucumber

splash of club soda & dash of lemon juice

Shake the Aperol, strain into a collins glass over ice, top with sparkling wine, lemon juice and club soda. Garnish with cucumber.  *To make rose infused Aperol; Add fresh or dried organic rose petals and steep them in the Aperol for 1-2 days strain.


Photos by City Love Photography