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Beauty Foods with Jessa Blades x Free People

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Beauty Foods with Jessa Blades x Free People

Tix here!

In Soho NYC 6-8pm

Everything you put into and onto your body has an effect on your overall well-being. That’s why it is important to understand the ingredients of the products you use.

Over the course of the two evenings with herbalist and natural beauty expert, Jessa Blades, you will learn healing traditions to boost the body’s natural resilience from the inside and out.

The second evening we will discuss the benefits of using foods to aid with beauty and healing. You will learn which herbs and vinegars can be used medicinally, as well as what beauty foods you can start eating now to help heal your skin. You will be guided on how to blend your own healing tea, for you to take home.

-medicinal tonic herbs and how to they can work for your self care routine.

-herbal vinegars, for food and for medicine

-what are beauty foods you can start eating right now to help heal your skin