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Jessa Blades

Always a treat to connect with my friend Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves. In preparation for her trip to LA (plus events we are teaming up for... stay tuned) we talked glowing winter skin from the inside out.

From Reading My Tea Leaves:

It’s the time of year for looking in the mirror and hoping my salty tears might provide enough moisture to put a little glow back into my dry cheeks. (Sad February-ers, unite. It’s almost March!) To help combat dry winter skin in a slightly more proactive way, I asked my friend and natural beauty expert, Jessa Blades, to share her best tips for keeping winter skin looking as bright and glow-y as a California morning.

Here goes: 

Ferment Your Food. You know that old adage? Two pickles a day keeps the doctor away? Never heard of it? Just ask Jessa. She recommends incorporating two fermented or lacto-fermented foods into your daily diet. She explains that “the good bacteria helps your digestion and boosts immunity, which helps balance and support the body and improve your skin from the inside out.” Recommended? Kefir, kombucha, beet kvass, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and those good probiotic pickles at the Jewish deli around the corner. Want to learn more about fermented foods? Right this way. (PS. It’s not just Jessa pushing the ‘kraut. Science!)

Embrace Oil – Phew! Jessa’s on board with using oils to restore the natural oils your skin needs. In fact, to folks who are afraid oils, she says, “Do you know how you make lotion or face cream? You take oil and whip it together with water. Don’t be afraid to use oil. You’ve always been putting it on your face.” What to use? Well-sourced, organic argan, olive, jojoba, coconut, almond oils. To avoid? Mineral oil. Oily skin already your problem? Jessa says even oily skin loves oil, just but be sure to use a lighter oil, like argan, if you have oily skin. 

Believe in Beeswax – For folks who need a little extra oompf in the moisture department, try adding a beeswax-based balm after you apply the oil. Balms or salves that include beeswax help to lock in the moisture and protect your skin from the wind. Jessa says, “double up on oil and balm and get ready to glow in the best way.”

Eat Your Guacamole – In addition to adding fermented foods into your diet, Jessa recommends incorporating organic oils like coconut, olive and flax as a way of improving your complexion from the inside out. And don’t forget your avocados. She says: “Make guacamole, eat your avocado on toast, drink it in smoothies; however you like. Oh, and mash it up and put in on your face! It makes an amazing face mask.”

Ease Up on Exfoliating – Contrary to popular belief, too much sloughing off of dry skin isn’t helping. Jessa suggests, “No more scrubbing or burning or exfoliating every day. That’s making your skin drier, more sensitive and it just isn’t necessary. And we all know to avoid plastic microbeads, right?” Instead? Jessa says the fruit peels are the way to go. Gentle peels involving fruit acids like pumpkin, apple, and papaya, help break down dead skin cells for soft glow-y and refreshed skin.

Photo by Tory Williams