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A great start to 2016

Jessa Blades

I love a new start and January 1st is a wonderful reminder to start over, begin again, focus and ground down. I had a wonderful New Year's celebration upstate in Germantown, NY at our friends Sarah and Nick's restaurant. If you find yourself in and around Germantown you must go to Gaskins Restaurant, it is pure magic.

And for the second year in a row I'm spending the winter in LA (keep track of my sunshiny adventures here). Staying warm, picking lemons in the morning and teaching in both LA and SF. If you know anyone out here interested in natural and healing beauty be sure to have them get in touch. We are planning a lot of special events; but, saved time to meet privately with clients. 

February has swiftly arrived and I always love this month as it serves as a reminder to love ourselves and others as much as possible. Self-love is the basis for Self-care and I'm obsessed with how to make caring for myself as much fun and as gentle as possible. This past week our words and products were featured in Vogue in a story about flower essences. These elixirs are a wonderful tool to help in your Self-care practice. By ingesting the water that has been infused with the energy of the flowers, under either the moon or sun, we are able to enjoy the vibration of the plants, helping to heal us on a more energetic level. I'm so thrilled that Vogue wrote the piece- it truly speaks to the ever-evolving definition of real beauty and healing.


And last but certainly not least!

Be sure to read our contributions to two of my favorite sites: Mind Body Green and Parachute (have you tried their sheets yet??? They are amazing!).