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Jessa Blades

I got to chat with Lindsay of Well / Aware and join her community of super inspiring and talented folks in the wellness world. We got to talk about many of my favorite topics: natural birth control, my two beauty musts that have nothing to do with products, holistic healing, my current obsessions and skin as a communicator.

Listen to the Podcast

An excerpt from the Well / Aware post:

Jessa Blades is one of my heroes. Based on how easy it is to talk with and trust her, I have a feeling a lot of women feel the same way after meeting her. We first crossed paths while I reaching out to makeup artists for my wedding, and finally met at Uplift Project 001. Because of her holistic approach to beauty and her mastery in herbalism and safe makeup, I thought she’d be a shoe-in for making the big day 100% natural. Wrong!

But that’s also precisely why I love Jessa. She’s well versed in herbs, plants, makeup artistry and holistic living and healing, but she’s also not removed from the real world. Case in point: she maintains that wearing conventional makeup that will actually stay put for hours on is fine your wedding day, because it’s just one day out of the year and therefore insignificant in the larger picture. Rather, her specialty is knowing the good from the bad in everyday products: shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, and others … and sharing it with the world. It’s the habits and rituals everyday that make a real impact on our health... Continue reading and LISTEN HERE...