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Here's how to hack your mascara to turn it into eyeliner

Jessa Blades

I love a beauty hack. And when it comes to beauty, simple is more as far as I'm concerned. This translates into simple routines and using fewer, but better quality and correctly applied products. I met with the beauties at Hello Giggles and shared with them one of my favorite solutions for what to do when you forget to pack your eyeliner (spoiler alert- reach for your mascara). Who doesn't love a multipurpose product :)

From Hello Giggles-

Like most normal people, you probably forget things. It’s okay. We forget things literally ALL THE TIME. Especially when it comes to packing or even just gathering the things you need for the day. Which is why we love makeup hacks — there’s nothing cooler than finder your inner MacGuyver and using a product multiple ways. This latest hack comes to us by way of Jessa Blades, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist who also owns the beauty company Blades Natural Beauty. Here’s how she taught us to turn mascara into smoky eyeliner when we’re in a pinch... see the whole tutorial here...