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*THIS* is What Wellness Pros Pack to Turn Their Hotel Rooms into Self-Care Sanctuaries



*THIS* is What Wellness Pros Pack to Turn Their Hotel Rooms into Self-Care Sanctuaries

Jessa Blades

From Well and Good, by MICAELA ENGLISH:

As self care becomes more essential, so does the need to create surroundings that are conducive to that endeavor. At home, that could mean turmeric lattesessential oil diffusers, and Himalayan salt lamps. But what about on the road?

To figure out how to turn temporary abodes, like hotel rooms and rentals, into Zen dens where you can de-stress, get ample amounts of sleep, and overall, create a high-vibe environment, I asked 11 wellness pros to share their secrets.

Here are their best tips, tricks, and must-haves that’ll help you banish stress, aid digestion, soften the jet-lag blow, and generally feel happier and healthier.

Jessa's tip:

Hygge body oils and tinctures

Natural beauty expert Jessa Blades is never without her Tridoshic body oil. “I warm it up by placing the bottle in a mug of hot water, then I sit on a towel and massage myself with the oil after a bath to ground my nervous system after flying,” she says. “I also bring a sleep-tight tincture (with valerian and skullcap) to help me fall and stay asleep without feeling groggy.”

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