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5 Winter Skin Savers That'll Boost Your Mood, Too



5 Winter Skin Savers That'll Boost Your Mood, Too

Jessa Blades

via Mind Body Green:

Oh winter—so many people love this time of year, and I want to, I really do, but when I’m on the East Coast, the winter season really is an "all hands on deck" project to keep my mental and physical health in check.

Winter is tricky for a few reasons: Lack of lush nature, freezing temps, drying indoor heat, early evening darkness, and the perpetual gray outside are just a few. Still, as I get older I’m learning to appreciate all the seasons and relish in the quiet of winter. It’s a time for introspection and inviting our energy and attention inward. As a natural beauty expert, herbalist, and someone who’s learning to love winter, I’m excited to share my tips and tricks to help make the season a more delicious and pleasurable one for all.

Here are my best self-care tips to help boost your mood, save your skin, and bring the best of nature into your routine to inspire a connection to yourself and to the earth... read the rest here.