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Nantucket: Natural Rejuvenation for Skin and Self Panel Discussion

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Nantucket: Natural Rejuvenation for Skin and Self Panel Discussion

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The beauty world is obssessed with "anti-aging" skin and body, often using harsh methods to break down the process of aging. But, in the naturals world we aren't "against" aging. We are pro-health. We are more interested in maximizing the health and vitality in your being as we get older, through practices that support mind, body, skin and spirit. When it comes to anti-aging, the truth is we aren't looking so much for youth as we are seeking the fullness of our vitality and well-being. This is what actually makes our spirit and skin glow. 

Join three experts in the world of natural skincare and healing: Josh Rosebrook, Jessa Blades and Sandra Chiu, L.Ac, for a panel discussion where they will discuss their experience, viewpoint and offer tips on keeping your skin and self rejuvenated and radiant, naturally.