With fifteen years in the natural beauty and wellness industry, Jessa specializes in ways to make sense of this wellness movement and add lots of fun as you or your team learn how to take the best care of yourselves. Let's collaborate to bring holistic and immersive experiences, education and DIY wellness workshops to your company’s philosophy & culture, or bring some tangible self-care to the lives of those on your team.


Corporate Workshops

Jessa specializes in creating immersive and interactive workshops/education and speaking on topics like:


Food as medicine

Herbs for stress & anxiety

Self-care for entrepreneurs & creatives

How to bring plant based medicine (including cannabis) into your brand or self-care/beauty routine

Cannabis and natural beauty - what is this CBD trend anyway?

Custom herbal tea blending: how-two

Create your own holistic healing apothecary in your desk drawer


Reach out to say hello, book a workshop, or to brainstorm about bringing some of Jessa’s holistic wellness magic into your workplace.