I have recommended Jessa to so many people I've lost count! I don't wear much makeup usually, and I was nervous about the idea of having it "done" for my wedding, but 5 minutes into my initial consultation session with Jessa I realized I had nothing to worry about. The resulting day-of look was exactly what I'd hoped for--I felt like myself, but with a little extra pizazz (and the makeup held up beautifully through a sweaty four-hour reception dance party!). And aside from being an incredible makeup artist, Jessa is also just an awesome human, with a warm, calming presence that is EXACTLY what is needed on the morning of your wedding day :).

Jane Silver

When I thought about my makeup for my wedding, I realized that I didn't want someone who was only going to make me look beautiful, I wanted someone who was going to make me feel beautiful. Jessa was that person. She is not only a makeup artist, she is a people person. She is exactly who you want to be around in the hours before you get married. She is warm, friendly, and makes you feel comfortable. She exudes positive energy- contagious to those around her. Her choices in colors, styles, and application were perfect. I had a morning wedding ceremony and an evening party- she gave me two totally different looks and yet, I still looked like me. She made me (and my mom and sister) not only look more beautiful than we ever had- but more importantly, she made us feel beautiful.

Emily Gavin

Jessa- Thank you so much, not only for your talent, but for your unbelievably calm presence on the day of the wedding. It was so lovely to have you there with me and all my friends. you did an amazing job.

Jen Greenwood

Elizabeth Kahn

It was an honor and a delight to have Jessa work her magic for my wedding day! Not only did she do a beautiful job, but Jessa's relaxed attitude and natural approach were a lovely relief to the frenzy of 10 girls, two photographers and an anxious father-of-the-bride scurrying around my hotel suite! As an artist, I think Jessa has a great ability to create a natural look without losing any glamour or edge and as a professional I think she has a knack for giving clients exactly what they want (even if they don't know what that is)!

Molly Donald

I feel very thankful for Jessa's calming energy and for helping me look and feel beautiful on my wedding day. Jessa was so lovely to work with and I hope that I have another need for make-up application very soon!! Working with Jessa was just fantastic!

Lindsey Nelson

So happy that you were able to be a part of the celebration! You were such an amazing, grounding presence, and as soon as you arrived that morning I was like "Whew, Jessa is here! I can do this.