5 Genius Ways a Makeup Artist Uses Concealer

By Zoe Weiner

I got to talk with Well and Good about all of the various ways my 15 years as a makeup artist has taught me to use concealer... enjoy!

Chances are, you’ve relied on your makeup bag’s unsung hero (AKA concealer) to cover up dark circles or banish a zit that somehow popped up while you were kickin’ it in dreamland, but you may not know that it has some other seriously impressive hidden talents just waiting to be discovered.

I caught up with Jessa Blades, natural beauty expert and makeup artist, who here, shares five fresh ways to use concealer (for just about everything). That means there’s no need to schlep around a gaping-at-the-seams makeup bag, with tons of one-use products ever again. Or you can use it to skip foundation altogether—that’s a major win for minimalism! Read the whole article here.