Most women feel lost when it comes to makeup. But we know beauty is deeper than just products.

Let Jessa share her years of experience in the beauty and wellness space.
Services available a la carte or as a 3-part coaching package.


Holistic Healing Skin & Beauty Consult

You are reading this because you are ready to really understand that particular skin issue you have been wanting to get to the bottom of… you know, the one that the dermatologist likes label - Dermatitis or Rosacea - and send you out the door with a prescription that might only temporarily help, if it helps at all - but doesn't look at the root cause. I want to help you heal and make the connections about what might be causing this issue. This is a very customized consult, and what we work on and discuss is ultimately up to you.

If you know you’d like to be more “natural” or more connected to plants or herbalism - but aren’t sure how - we will begin by talking about: holistic skin healing, food as medicine, how to heal your skin/stress/hormones by using herbs, and healing rituals to bring your body back to a state of balance. Consider this a healthy doula lifestyle session.

1 or 2 Hours - available in-person or virtual


Holistic Healing Facial Treatment

An up-leveled facial that combines the ancient science of Ayurveda with a skin-refreshing reflexology treatment. This facial-meets-massage-meets-energy-work treatment is perfect for calming a stressed out mind and getting you back on the track to healing. Jessa combines her training in herbalism, Ayurvedic massage & Facial Reflexology for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin, mind, and body. We use the best natural and plant-based skincare (including CBD infused products, if you like), reflexology tools and massage to create a truly special experience.

In addition to the treatment, Jessa will offer holistic and customized tips, resources, and product recommendations to help you feel your best and heal your skin from the inside out.

1 Hour - available in-person only


Beauty Cabinet Overhaul + Lesson

Do you feel like you missed the class on how to do your makeup? Do you feel overwhelmed about where to start making changes toward healthier beauty products and healing your skin? Want to know where to apply bronzer and which one has safe ingredients?

Whether you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, in the middle of chemo, or are just a human trying to navigate what products to keep and what to avoid, this lesson is for you.

Jessa will teach you how to do your makeup and find application tricks that work. Your makeup bag will get streamlined (i.e. throw out your old products) and you will be left with a customized list of techniques, products and the confidence to repeat these techniques on your own.

1 or 2 Hours - available in-person or virtual